Suspects Used Pokémon GO to Lure, Rob Victims at Gunpoint

This is why we can't have nice things.

Games News
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Early Sunday morning four people used Pokémon GO to lure victims and then rob them at gunpoint, the O’Fallon, Miss. police department stated via Facebook.

“These suspects are suspected of multiple Armed Robberies both in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties,” the police statement reads. “It is believed these suspects targeted their victims through the Pokemon Go smart phone application.”

The police believe the four suspects used Lures to gather potential victims. Lures are in-game items that can be attached to Pokéstops, in-game locations tied to real-world places, and cause more Pokémon to appear there. Anyone playing Pokémon GO can see nearby Lures and thus work to bring people together. This feature has frequently led to new friendships, though these suspects have proved its potential for harm.

Three of the suspects were charged with “Robbery 1st Degree and Armed Criminal Action.” The fourth suspect was considered a juvenile and transferred to the local juvenile justice center.

“If you use this app (or other similar type apps) or have children that do we ask you to please use caution when alerting strangers of your future location,” the O’Fallon Police Department warns.