The Station Launches New Mode on PC, Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Late April

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<i>The Station</i> Launches New Mode on PC, Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Late April

Months after its official launch, a new Free Explore mode within The Station debuted on PC Wednesday, with a late-April launch set for PS4 and Xbox One.

The latest update to the game enhances the augmented-reality feel of the original aesthetic by allowing players to access parts of the Espial at their own pace. Gone are the puzzles and door-unlocking missions, allowing more free rein as players’ investigations lean more on virtual reality. As stated in a press release, the new system “provides a visual representation of conversations, correspondence, and a map at all times,” while the menu becomes more a help than a hindrance with a single button press.

Along with new gameplay features, the indie game will add more languages like Spanish, Russian and French to the game so players around the world can partake in the mystery.

In addition to the late April launch date for PS4 and Xbox One, the VR feel will come in handy as The Station launches on PlayStation VR, HTC Live and Oculus Rift in Q3 of 2018.

With so much innovation going into The Station, the creators should be happy with the results of their work. Watch the streaming trailer along with peeking at some images below.