Dontnod’s Twin Mirror Delayed Until 2020, Will Be an Epic Exclusive

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Dontnod&#8217;s <i>Twin Mirror</i> Delayed Until 2020, Will Be an Epic Exclusive

Dontnod Entertainment, the developer behind the Life Is Strange series, has delayed their forthcoming project Twin Mirror and announced that it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive upon release.

Twin Mirror , which will be exclusively available for purchase in the Epic Game Store for a 12-month period (on PC), follows the story of a man named Sam who ventures into his rural hometown after the death of his best friend. When he awakes in his hotel room, Sam is covered in blood and has no recollection of what might have occurred. Through surreal landscapes, exploration and investigation, players are tasked with helping Sam discover the truth.

Originally set to release in this year, Twin Mirror will now be released in 2020, still via publisher Bandai Namco. In a press release Monday, Dontnod explained, “In order to optimize the gaming experience and capitalize on Twin Mirror’s success potential, DONTNOD Entertainment has decided to extend the development phase and reschedule release for 2020, boosted by the transmedia expertise and the financial support of a co-producer Shibuya Productions.”

Twin Mirror will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC sometime in 2020.

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