Watch: 15 Minutes of Just Cause 3 Gameplay

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We still have more than four months until the release of Just Cause 3. But until then, you can check out this video containing 15 minutes of gameplay.

Throughout the video, the person playing the game is constantly talking and laughing as he shoots and blows stuff up. If his voice annoys you, just mute the video. He’s actually kind of funny and if anything he’s showing his enthusiasm for just how fun this game is.

Throughout the gameplay, we see that this upcoming title is going to give us everything we loved about Just Cause 2 and more. Just like in the previous entry, players will have the freedom to do pretty much whatever they want and blow up just about anything within this sandbox of chaotic fun. Additions to the gameplay include a second grappling hook and a wingsuit for your character Rico, along with various weapons and vehicles.

Just Cause 3 will be released Dec. 1, 2015.