Watch the Rock Play a Dancing Daisy in This Cut SNL Sketch

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We’ve loved Dwayne Johnson since his bland Rocky Maivia wrestling character morphed into the historically cocky superman known as the Rock. When he’s not busy starring in box office blockbusters or his own (sadly disappointing) HBO series, he’s regularly doing awesome things like showing up unannounced at a WWE house show in Boston or hosting Saturday Night Live. His SNL episode from this past March was one of the best of the show’s 40th season, and yet one of its best sketches didn’t even make it to air. Mashable has alerted the world to the great sketch above, which is hanging out on SNL’s official YouTube page. Although the sketch is obviously built on the incongruity of the he-man action hero of the day dressing like a flower, it goes deeper than that visual to find some truly inspired laughs. Take a look.