Battleborn Open Beta Now Available on PS4, PC, Xbox One

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Forthcoming “hero shooter” Battleborn’s episodic story structure makes for an innovative amalgam of a two of our favorite things—games and TV—and now gamers can start exploring that story for themselves. Battleborn’s Open Beta is now available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

The Open Beta includes two full story episodes: “The Algorithm” and “Void’s Edge.” The episodes are playable in up to five-player co-op, plus two competitive multiplayer modes: Incursion and Meltdown.

Jumping into the Open Beta is not without its perks: Beta players will get a head start by beginning with seven unlocked heroes—that’s out of a total roster of 25. Participants can then get a feel for the game’s natural progression, unlocking heroes, skins, taunts, titles and what have you, in addition to earning exclusive skins in exchange for achieving group challenges.

This bit from the game’s site says it all: “Nihilistic robots, dwarves, space luchadores, interstellar soldiers, penguin-piloted murder machines and lots of others, all teaming up to save what’s left of the Universe … that’s Battleborn.” What more do you need to know?

Find out more about the Open Beta on the official Battleborn blog here. Battleborn launches in earnest on May 3 on PS4, PC and Xbox One.