Forza Horizon 5, Football Manager 2022, and More Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass in November

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Forza Horizon 5, Football Manager 2022, and More Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass in November

Today Microsoft announced all the games coming to Game Pass in the first part of November, as well as games leaving in mid-November, along with special perks and promotions.

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 2, new players can get three months of Game Pass for just $1. The availability to claim a Disney+ 30-day trial has been extended through Jan. 31, 2022 There are also new perks available now for Disco Nitro 3 (three months of free nitro), Black Desert (a new season server with rapid progression), and on Nov. 2 there will be a new perk through EA Play for Apex Legends (the Dr. Hakim Weapon Charm).

Here are all the games coming to Game Pass over the next two weeks.

Nov. 2:

Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Editions for Windows 10 and 11 is coming to Game Pass for PC or Game Pass Ultimate.

Unpacking, a “zen puzzle game,” is coming to Cloud, Console, and PC through a day one Game Pass release from ID@Xbox (the Independent Developers Program).

Nov. 4:

It Takes Two, the acclaimed two-player platform action-adventure about a couple going through divorce from Hazelight Studios, comes to PC, Cloud, and Xbox consoles through EA Play, after a few months of PlayStation exclusivity.

Kill It with Fire is a first-person action game about “hunting spiders and causing collateral damage” from Casey Donnellan Games. First released Aug. 13, 2020, it is coming to Cloud, Console, and PC, also through the Independent Developers Program.

Nov. 9:

Football Manager 2022 is coming to PC and Football Manager 2022: Xbox Edition is coming to Cloud, Console, and PC. This will be the second consecutive of Sega’s acclaimed (and academically studied) management simulation series to come to Game Pass.

Forza Horizon 5, the latest edition of Xbox’s open world racing simulator, will also be a day one Game Pass release for Cloud, Console, and PC. After spending time in Colorado, Southern France and Northern Italy, Australia, and England, the series is moving to Mexico.

Nov. 11:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition is coming to Game Pass on console only. While the rest of Rockstar’s remastered trilogy will also be available for purchase on console and PC, there are no announcements for them to come to Game Pass, yet.

One Step from Eden is another ID@Xbox release, this one developed by Thomas Moon Kang and originally published through Humble Bundle on Mar. 26, 2020. The rogue-like deck builder allows single player as well as co-op play.

The Game Pass announcement included the following games currently available under “In Case You Missed It:”.

Backbone is a pixelated 2.5 side-scroller mystery starring anthropomorphic raccoon detective Howard Lotor. The neo-noir set in dystopian Vancouver and inspired by classic CRPGs was developed by Egg Nut and is available for Cloud through ID@Xbox.

Moonglow Bay is another RPG, though this one of the fishing variety and developed by Bunnyhug. Available on Cloud, Console, and PC, the bright, pixelated-polygon Minecraft-adjacent visuals and wistful tone make an interesting stylistic combination.

Project Wingman is one of the flight simulators available on Game Pass for Cloud and Console, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Elite Dangerous, and Star Wars: Squadrons. However, unlike those last two, it takes place on the earth in real life, and unlike that first one, it’s geared around battle. The best of both worlds! Project Wingman was developed by Sector D2 and originally released Dec. 1, 2020.

There will also be several games leaving Game Pass on Nov. 15, some of which have been mentioned on Paste’s very own Best of Game Pass list. Final Fantasy VIII HD is leaving Console and PC; Planet Coaster is leaving Cloud and Console; and Star Renegades, Streets of Rogue, The Gardens Between, and River City Girls are leaving Cloud, Console, and PC.