The Best Costumes in the 2013 Dragon*Con Parade

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The Best Costumes in the 2013 Dragon*Con Parade

The sidewalks along the 2013 Dragon*Con Parade route in downtown Atlanta were packed yesterday when the Jackson clan arrived to watch the stream of superheroes, stormtroopers and steampunks. But we managed to slip three young photographers (my kids, aged 9, 13 and 14) into the front row to capture some of the best costumes of the festival.

Among the best were unexpected mash-ups like the Muppet Stormtroopers, Steampunk Tigger and a Ghostbuster Luigi. But mostly we just watched in awe as participants obviously poured a lot of effort into their costumes. Well, awe, confusion and whatever you call that emotion when you see a dude dressed up as Slave Leia.

Below are our favorite costumes of this year’s Dragon*Con Parade.