Oct 9, 2011 Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter 00:15
  2. Saturn Returns 04:00
  3. Toss and Turn 04:55
  4. Everlasting 03:21
  5. OK I'm Waiting 05:03

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Mike Gentry

When you see the legs on your grandparents, or any old man or woman, you just want to avert your eyes. You want to think that your legs aren't going to take on those forms, getting all mushy in the thighs and the calves, affected by gravity and too many days riding on them. They've been up and down too many steps. They've climbed enough hills and they've had to bend enough times to pick up children. They've been through a lot. They're completely shot. They've got varicose veins and they look about as feeble as they ever could look - purply and swollen. You never want to have the legs that your grandparents have, but then again, you likely have no choice. You're going to get older and you're going to lose all the things about your figure, your shape, your hair, your presumed good looks, your youthful pride. You're bound to be a different person and the good thing about getting those old man or woman legs is that you can always keep them covered. They can be spared from others, so that no one else has to look at them and be afraid of what's coming when they get to those advanced ages. Something in the air tonight has me thinking about whether or not my grandmother, standing on her thicker, old mama legs, feels like she missed out on a lot, having to cook all of those meals for her eight children and farmer husband - three times a day, every day of the week. It makes me wonder if my other grandfather wishes that he would have taken up golf earlier in his life, even if the other farmers in the neighborhood wouldn't have understood how he had so much time to "waste." It makes you wonder what sits atop those ground down, wobbly old legs - what kinds of things they wished they'd used them for when the going was good and the aches were fewer. Philadelphia band Grandchildren have a song on its latest album, "Everlasting," entitled, "OK I'm Waiting," and it's alike the theme feel of the rest of the record, giving a woozy, if pumping, watery wash to thoughts of regrets and just what we tend to let ourselves neglect. The music, which is an organic mix of human, from the tips of our toes percussion, and a sweeping, sunset of colors and slippery electronics and voices, creates a mood that we sense is coming from a friendly place, but it's still a reminder of what we've let get by us. Lead singer Aleks Martray sings on "OK I'm Waiting," "And you'll stand there/Waiting for the day/But the day has passed you by/There is no way/To compare these things/With the ones inside your mind/Listen to your own advice," and we feel our own age. We feel like we need to do something and we need to do it fast. We've never felt less young than we do right now.

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