After Reading This, You'll Be Convinced Crystals Heal

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After Reading This, You'll Be Convinced Crystals Heal

This article is not meant to diagnose or provide medical advice—that responsibility lies with physicians. The author is not a licensed medical professional.

If you’ve had eyes lately, you’ve almost certainly seen someone on the internet waxing rhapsodic about the healing powers of crystals. From celebrities like Adele and Victoria Beckham to your millennial coffee shop barista, everyone is talking about them, Instagramming about them and balancing their chakras with them. Some people are even doing kegels with them. But what’s the big deal? Why such love for rocks? They’re just rocks, right?

Well, the short answer is no, they aren’t just rocks. While some of what we call crystals are actually stones, both crystals and stones can be used for healing. According to Tracee Dunblazier, crystal healing expert, spiritual empath and author of the Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series, “there are thousands of types of crystals and minerals and each one of them transmits a specific vibration that can align with and balance certain elements of the mind, body, and spirit.”

In her book, Master Your Inner World: Embrace Your Power with Joy, Dunblazier explains it like this: “Your physical body has an energy system called an aura. It is composed of different vibrational layers of energy, through which we express and interpret our thoughts and emotions, among other things. Your aura is the way that your body conducts energy through energy centers called chakras, which are vortices just in front and in back of the physical body. A chakra brings in new energy, and—sort of like an exhaust system—it releases energy that no longer serves you.”

Sooo … How Does It Work?

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Don’t ask science, because science doesn’t know. As of now, science hasn’t found any reason why crystals should have any effect on anything, but since countless people through the ages have claimed crystals not only work, but they’re life-changing, it’s safe to say there’s something to it.

Healers say different crystals “speak to you” or that you’re drawn to certain crystals, depending on your intention, or the problem or hang-up you want help with. For example, if you live with depression, you might be drawn to smoky quartz, tiger’s eye or lepidolite, which is unique in that it’s thought to actually absorb your negative thoughts and energy.

How Do You Use Them?

Crystals can be used for healing in several different ways. Passively, by wearing or carrying them with you, or actively by drinking crystal infused water or during a healing session where a healer places them on your body.

Crystal infused water is the new kid on the crystal healing block, but has gained popularity in many holistic and wellness circles. The idea is that by placing the crystal of your choice into water and letting it infuse, the water will take on the metaphysical properties of the crystal. You drink the water, you get the good stuff.

Alternatively, you could seek out a crystal healer for a session. Many healers encourage you to choose the crystals you are most drawn to, trusting your intuition to guide you, and then place those crystals on your body, usually in line with your chakras. People claim to have experiences that cross the spectrum, from highly meditative to almost euphoric states, during their sessions.

How Do You Know Which Crystal Does What?

You could just go into a crystal shop and go with your gut. Touch them, feel them, hold them, see which ones you fall in love with or which ones you just can’t stop looking at. Or you could ask a healer for specific recommendations depending on what issues you’d like to address.

Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and co-author of the upcoming book, Crystal Muse: Every Day Rituals to Tune Into The Real You, finds these stones the most useful for the following reasons:

Apophyllite is always an “all time favorite” for Askinosie; it’s known as the stone of light, joy and happiness, she says. “I always like to put apophyllite in a room I am in often, because it’s always shining bright. Apophyllite is one of those crystals where you can place it in your living room or dining room and just have it laying there next to some of your favorite books, but every now and then, when you feel like you need a little bit of a pick me up, reach for it to brighten your day.”

Celestite is a mainstay on Askinosie’s “top 10 crystal list” because it is believed to be the stone that attracts angels. “I always see it as emitting this calming blue ray. Very soothing and tranquil. Whenever I have celestite in a room, it calms the energy down.”

Selenite, a cleansing crystal, is in Askinosie’s top three. “I look at it as liquid light. It helps me to clear my own energy field. It helps to put a shield of protection around me, and it also helps to remind me to have boundaries. Not so much to keep people at bay, but more to keep true to who I am versus taking on other people’s stuff. The reason I really like selenite is it helps me stay grounded yet get connected to the higher realms.”

Kristi is a freelance writer and mother.