Goat Yoga Is For Real, and People Are Loving It

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Goat Yoga Is For Real, and People Are Loving It

The concept of combining yoga with the beauty and calming scenery of nature is in no way a new idea. There’s nature yoga, rooftop yoga and even the strangely serene—and surprisingly physically possible—practice of underwater yoga.

However, none of these are the reason that people are flocking by the thousands to Lainey Morse’s studio in Albany, Oregon. The thing that has put her yoga classes on the map is far more unexpected—because it’s goats.

Apparently, the idea of incorporating goats into yoga sessions came about when someone suggested that Morse should start holding classes outside at her farm. Since Morse’s farm is home to eight goats, it only seemed natural to let them stick around for the classes.

It’s not as if the goats are directly involved in the exercises—they’re more or less just there, calmly strolling around Morse’s barn and yard while the humans work through their stretches. Although the goats will sometimes approach people mid-workout for a quick cuddle, it’s mostly the calming environment that is making the experience so popular. Reviews on Morse’s Facebook page describe the experience as “relaxing,” “energizing,” “calming” and “natural.”

Word is spreading fast too. The wait list for Morse’s sessions has more than 1,200 names on it, and goat yoga has been featured by The Washington Post, CNN, VICE and the BBC.

To find out more about goat yoga—and possibly pray for a decent spot on the waiting list—you can check out Morse’s website.

Photo: Eric Frierson, CC-BY

Dillon Thompson is a University of Georgia student and freelance writer with a love for travel and an addiction to coffee and hip-hop music.