8 Overlooked Superfoods You Should Be Eating

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8 Overlooked Superfoods You Should Be Eating

Not all foods are created equal, especially when it comes to marketing. Nothing against pea protein, moringa or goodies you’d find in the rainforest, but the foods the Internet says we should be eating are often hard to find and expensive.

Produce that’s overlooked or ignored certainly isn’t “worse for you,” especially if it’s cooked or eaten the right way. If you normally fry your eggplant and cover it in cheese, try it baked or stewed. Eat raw cranberries and pomegranates instead of relying on their juice. One of the best strategies to capitalize on produce’s benefits is to eat the skin and seeds as well as the flesh. Kiwi skin, for example, is an even better source of fiber and vitamin C than its bright interior, and sweet potato skin contains higher levels of beta carotene, folate, potassium and iron.

Flip through the gallery above to see which less trendy (and more accessible) foods you should add to your repertoire. They may not be in the limelight, but that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in nutrients.

Photos: Eric Paul Zamora/Getty and Antti T. Nissinen, CC-BY

Sarra Sedghi is Paste Food’s assistant editor. Her eternal food baby is named Frederick.