Sacred Harp in a strange setting

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After a screening of the film, Sacred Harp singers formed their square and belted out the powerful, haunting and otherworldly melodies in a setting that didn't much look like the old wooden churches they were used to. It was my first time at a singing, and I had a great time struggling to following along. Most in the crowd stood back, either soaking in the beauty or trying to figure out what it was all about.

singing—Jeni and Billy, The Good Players, Eriksen, and Jim Lauderdale. Eriksen, who helped organize the singings heard in the film Cold Mountain, gave the night's stand-out performance. Fresh off an Eastern European trip, playing and teaching in Poland and The Czech Republic, the multi-instrumentalist was best at adapting the raw power of Sacred Harp to his own arrangements. Lauderdale finished the night with his well-crafted Americana whose roots draw deeply from the same well from which Sacred Harp singers have drawn.

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