The Missing Album From Paste's Top 50

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I love year-end lists. I love them because they get people talking passionately about the music and movies and album covers and TV characters and whatever other minutiae we gleefully catalog towards as the new year approaches.

We published our 50 Best Albums of The Year list, and the chatter on Facebook and Twitter and the comments section of both ours and other websites ranges from complimentary to accusations of self-parody. Everyone sees something missing because everyone has different tastes. My personal list included Wu Lyf, Rye Rye, Chris Thile & Michael Daves, The Vaccines, Pistol Annies and Jessica Lea Mayfield, none of whom made the final cut.

We’ve been chided for having the wrong kind of hip-hop artists, for having dudes with beards in the Top 3 spots and for ignoring enough albums that would have made up a few additional “50 Best” lists. None of it bothered me until the Tweet I just saw accusing us of missing the Girls album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

We couldn’t have missed that one. It was one of my favorite records of the year, and I distinctly remember it faring surprisingly well in our survey. Hang on…dammit.

We polled 29 different music critics, and Father, Son, Holy Ghost appeared on nearly half of those ballots. It should have appeared in the top 20 but for an oversight on the spreadsheet—my oversight. As tempting as it is to just ignore that and let Girls be one of the many bands people thought we should have rated higher, I can’t help but think of the blown call that ruined Armando Galarraga’s perfect game. Jim Joyce owned his mistake, and that’s still a perfect game in my book.

So my apologies to Girls and to anyone who might have read our list, found some great music to check out and then moved on—possibly missing out on discovering the joys of this record. I’m adding it back in and extending our list to 51.

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