Isaac Delusion

Feb 25, 2013 Magic Shop, New York, NY

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  1. True Love Will Find You In The End 02:07
  2. Waiting 02:28
  3. Time 03:03
  4. Land of Gold 02:00
  5. The Desert Song 02:57
Isaac Delusion

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Brian Thorn at The Magic Shop, New York City, during CMJ week 2012

An Isaac Delusion song wastes no time sinking itself into your skin. It's got incisors that sink in quietly and deeply. They will implant themselves right in under that first layer and get into the blood the quickest way possible. There's no hesitation. It doesn't hurt, but you're changed somewhat considerably, in a way that you're not going to be able to place. It's all a bit murky. They like it to all be a bit murky. You're taken away to a place that looks and feels nothing like what you're used to seeing or feeling. It's something of a full transformation into this place that's pulsating with none of the nervous energy that you always seem to be buzzing with.

What knocks the wind right out of you is how chill everything has gotten. You know that you're haunted. You know that you're somewhere you weren't just a few seconds ago and you're sure that you haven't the faintest idea how you're going to get back to where you belong, but there's nothing to be panicked about. You sense that you're going to be taken care of - that this is all going to work out. You know that you're haunted. This must be a haunting and it's locked itself on tightly. They're telling us, "Never shake the devil's hand," while extending theirs and we feel as if we might be getting tricked, as if the warning is coming from this very friendly and soothing devil.

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