Jeremy Fisher

Apr 17, 2008 Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

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  1. Bookery Reading 04:25
Jeremy Fisher

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Brendan Kiefer

As far as Amazon and the entire Internet is concerned, Paul Kerrington and his book, The Life of Hope that fellow Canuck singer/songwriter Jeremy Fisher found inspirational during his impressionable younger years, don't exist and never have, but it would be shocking not to think that the things been read. Just in the short excerpt that young Mr. Fisher reads here in another exhilarating installment to our Bookery section, could have inspired or confirmed the beliefs of Koresh and his Branch Davidians, along with the dirt job men involved with the recent West Texas polygamy raid. Fisher explains the premise of the book as the main character's theologic principles regarding his "doctrine of affectionism." It's a fawning, breathless exposit about the temptations of flesh and bosoms and the unbearable sickness that that affection can bring to a man. He looks and looks and if it goes on too long, there's nothing that he can do but keep looking. It's beyond fetish. These thoughts aren't at any crux for Fisher, who does classic pop songwriting circa "The Wonder Years" via the wonder years. It's not about flesh mongering on Fisher's Goodbye Blue Monday, a title that was an alternate title for Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions, just the need to reach some sort of understanding for growing up and feeling those unexplainable things that can drop you or buoy you. He's following a trajectory and a lyrical path as Ben Kweller - not in a copping or specific way - just in a growing up with the ways and things around them. Naturally, that method works. It does for Fisher.

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