Jan 22, 2013 Big Light Studio, Nashville, TN

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  1. Hornets Nest 05:21
  2. Christmas Worms Quest For Fresh Apples 05:54
  3. Firework Spraying Moon 06:24
  4. Staring Window 03:52
  5. Redchair Chester 01:32

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Josh Niles at Big Light, Nashville, Tennessee

Australian musician Jonti takes us from leaning or snoozing back in a rocking chair, the taste of a pipe still sticking to the outer edges of the lips to hanging from the crystal chandeliers, wondering where we might be able to score some more ecstasy before last call busts up the party, or makes you find a different location to shake down. He takes us into the dusty hiss of a needle sliding around the grooves of a record and he spills all of these bizarre sounds and accompanying melodies out, like a butterfingered young man with a box of crayons and textures - all of which he's planning on using.

Recorded in Nashville, while on tour with Gotye, Jonti cuts through the open spaces with some backbeat-heavy pieces that an MC could do some serious damage with, though none of that is necessary as they come across as fully-formed statements, giving off sensations of spiritual engagement, pill-popping, all-night thunderstorms, camping trips with crickets buffeting dreamscapes, computer jibs and jabs, and watching a shooting star splash from one side of the sky to the other, following it with awe. He layers pretty and original sounds on top of one another, in places, and when he decides to sing, it adds a degree of humble hummability. He continually keeps listeners guessing, making drum samples sound like helicopters and giving it all the ability - if it wants to - to feel like sundown in a resort town, even as an asthmatic island dog wheezes off in the distance somewhere, puncturing the sweet mood with a slice of peculiarity you never saw coming.

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