Justin Townes Earle

Jul 4, 2010 Codfish Hollow Barn, Maquoketa, IA

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  1. Move Over Mamma 02:45
  2. They Killed John Henry 03:25
  3. Introduction 00:42
  4. Halfway To Jackson 03:57
  5. Mama's Eyes 03:47
  6. Mama Said 02:52
  7. Introduction 00:21
  8. I Don't Care 02:05
  9. Ain't Waitin' 02:51
  10. Introduction 01:02
  11. Someday I'll Be Forgiven for This 03:34
  12. Introduction 00:34
  13. Wanderin' 03:24
  14. Introduction 00:39
  15. Slippin' And Slidin' 02:55
  16. Introduction 01:07
  17. South Georgia Sugar Babe 03:30
  18. Introduction 01:06
  19. Harlem River Blues 03:31
  20. Introduction 00:22
  21. Midnight At the Movies 04:44
  22. Walk Out 03:20
Justin Townes Earle

We staged this one-day Barnstormer show on 4th of July, 2010. It was the same weekend as the 80/35 Fest in Des Moines and because of contractual obligations, we had to keep quiet about our secret headliner because they were also playing that festival. So no one knew that The Walkmen were playing until they showed up. At the time, this was the biggest crowd that we'd ever had for a Barnstormer event. Dawes, Justin Townes Earle, Jonny Corndawg, These United States and Young Man all played and we decorated Codfish Hollow with red, white and blue bunting. There was a big and short thunderstorm that struck in the middle of the show, but otherwise a great, hot day and night that forced Corndawg to shave his head.

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