King Charles

Jun 28, 2012 2KHz, London, England

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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter 00:10
  2. Impending Doom 05:03
  3. Lady Percy 03:22
  4. Wilde Love 04:07
King Charles

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Ian Grimble and Richard Matthews of Communion Music at 2KHz at Church Studios, Crouch End, London

The way that King Charles looks at it, it's just a matter of time before the good that we're looking at or holding will be wreckage. It's all going to find its way into the crapper before too long and there will be a tendency to want to blame it on someone else or extenuating circumstances, but he knows better and he's sure that we should know better too. We know that it was all on us. We did this. We should fess up, but it would do little good.

The British singer and songwriter sings on "Wilde Love, "All men kill the thing they love." He offers this line with incredible conviction for he knows it to be true. It is not an opinion, but genuine truth. Some strangle that thing with "hands of love and some with gold." Whatever the weapon, it's gone. His tales sound like the tales that Spencer Krug used to write during his Sunset Rubdown days, those of fierce passion and a quivering voice. He takes us through the emotional grinder, through the thoughts of impending doom and betrayal.

There's no getting away from fear, as he sings on "Impending Doom," adding, "Now our blood runs black in the morning/And it flows as sticky as tar/When what our hearts once beat for is burnt out, faded and scarred." In this song, he's a man who's come to understand that love is not triumphant. He might understand such a sentiment, but it's a drastic take on it. He might go negative, or see the worst in love, but you can hear in his voice that it's not over. There will be a string of additional attempts at it because he can't help himself. Black blood still finds a way to pump through a heart.

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