2024’s Most Bingeworthy Podcasts (So Far)

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2024’s Most Bingeworthy Podcasts (So Far)

It’s been a minute since I’ve written a recap because there hasn’t been a series that has really rocked my world—until now. Beyond All Repair will likely be at the top of the year-end lists so I’m calling it early. I haven’t been this excited about a podcast since I listened to the amazing Bone Valley (which is getting a season 2 by the way!) Also featured here, another installment of the classic true-crime series Up And Vanished and looks at our culture wars, the dark web, local and national politics and a revisit of a Spring Break Festival that’s getting renewed attention.

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Who Trolled Amber

While the series is inspired by the salacious trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, it’s more about the social-media discourse around it. Host Alexi Monstrous is known for investigating dark corners of the internet and looks into who is behind the noise on this and other events.

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