Tomi Lahren Suspended From Her Show After Sharing Pro-Choice Views

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Tomi Lahren Suspended From Her Show After Sharing Pro-Choice Views

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network has suspended 24-year-old conservative commentator Tomi Lahren after she voiced her pro-choice views, according to an initial report from The Daily Caller that was later confirmed by CNN and The Washington Post.

The report came three days after the controversial host revealed her take on abortion on last Friday’s episode of The View:

I am a constitutional, y’know, someone that loves the Constitution. I’m someone that’s for limited government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies. I can sit here and say that, as a Republican and I can say, you know what, I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.

The following weekend then saw a bizarrely slow tweet exchange between Lahren and The Blaze founder Beck:

Lahren told CNN that she can't comment on her suspension, though speculation is rising that she may not be much longer for Beck's digital network. Her contract is said to be up in September, but we'll see if this apparent feud won't speed up her exit in the next six months.

While Lahren's pro-choice comments and ideas about small government might seem to point to a certain intellectual consistency, know that her views (or at least their extremity) have certainly … evolved in recent years, specifically after she was hired to talk into a camera by Glenn Beck.

To be fair, Lahren was only 21 or 22 in these videos, so she was at least a year away from discovering how much one can be paid by a media outlet to be furious for a living.