Watch an Exclusive Clip from Bad Johnson

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Ever wondered what privates would say if it could talk?

Twilight and Easy A’s Cam Gigandet plays Rich in Bad Johnson, the movie about a ladies’ man who can’t stay monogamous. After his infidelities lead to another breakup with his girlfriend Jamie, he wishes away the source of his sadness, and the next day he wakes up to find his wish has been granted: his penis has taken the form of a selfish, oversexed human jerk, Knocked Up’s Nick Thune. Now that he’s up against his alter ego, Rich must figure out how to get his man-part back, literally and figuratively.

Bad Johnson is directed by Huck Botko and written by Jeff Tetreault and will be released on May 2 in select theaters, but you can watch it now on VOD. Above, you can check out an exclusive clip where Thune drops some cold knowledge on an inexperienced young man.