The New Batman v Superman Trailer Finally Gives us Badass Batman

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We’re still not entirely sure how the plot of Batman v Superman will unfold—obviously the frenemies will somehow have to team up to defeat Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman will get in on the action, maybe Doomsday too, but beyond that nothing is certain. After watching the full-length trailer released today, though, we don’t really care. This movie is going to be a full-on Zack Snyderian orgy of superheroes kicking ass, and we just got way more excited than we were before.

Just look at the way Ben Affleck’s Batman takes out about two dozen thugs with effortless martial artistry. It’s the perfect combination of grace and sheer brutality. We’re wondering how, supposedly, none of those lackeys are dead. Jesse Eisenberg nicely punctuates the clips of devastating violence that follow with snippets of supervillainous dialogue that remind us why he was the ideal choice to play Luthor.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on Mar. 25.