18 Beauty and the Beast Etsy Creations

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18 <i>Beauty and the Beast</i> Etsy Creations

When Beauty at the Beast hit theaters in 1991, audiences were enchanted by the charming fairy tale, memorable characters and beautiful score. The images of the rose, the stained glass and the mirror became etched into the minds of viewers. Over two and a half decades later, the live action film has come to the silver screen, directed by Bill Condon, and starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens—while keeping the original score by Alan Menken. From roses galore to Belle’s stunning yellow ball gown, Etsy has all a B&B fan needs to celebrate the return of this tale as old as time.

1. Mirror, by Etsy User NerdyDesigner

2. Engraved Rose, by Etsy User Illuminated Glasswork

3. Pocket Watch, by Etsy User LittlePopBoutique

4. Print, by Etsy User MyChildishThings

5. Rose Pendant, by Etsy User PenelopesPorch

6. Song Bangles, by Etsy User RogueFairyBoutique

7. Custom Letters, by Etsy User KimsCrafts39

8. Wall Decal, by Etsy User HorseFeathersDecals

9. Ceramic Coasters, by Etsy User HeighHoGrotto

10. Beauty and the Beast Toms, by Etsy User ShoesByNikki

11. Rose Painting, by Etsy User SimplyStephanieArt

12. Stained Glass Compact Mirrors, by Etsy User MirahCreations

13. Rose Pillow, by Etsy User ArtPopTart

14. Ball Gown, by Etsy User BbeautyDesigns

15. Charm Necklace, by Etsy User BaillieDay

16. Bath Bombs, by Etsy User FizzFairy

17. Charm Bracelet, by Etsy User FairytaleEndingsShop

18. T-Shirt, by Etsy User WhenYouWishApparel

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