Benicio Del Toro May Star in a Predator Reboot

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Benicio Del Toro is officially having a very good couple of years. The actor has a starring role in the forthcoming Soldado, the Sicario sequel set to be helmed by Gomorroa director Stefano Sollima and written by Taylor Sheridan. The actor also has a mysterious villain role in a little film called Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Now, the actor is in talks to star in Predator, the reboot of the franchise which is currently in the works at 20th Century Fox. According to Deadline, Shane Black (The Nice Guys) is on board to direct the project. Black was actually one of the stars of the original 1987 film, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the lead role. Black was the first to die at the hands of the Predator in that film. Fred Dekker, who co-wrote Black’s Monster Squad, will be scripting the new film.

Del Toro’s upcoming slate contains tons of reasons to be excited. The actor has proven himself to be a formidable presence onscreen through his roles in everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to Traffic. Now, we’ll find out if the actor can say “Get to the chopper!” as well as his predecessor.