Here's the New Cars 3 Trailer in all its Darkness and Intensity

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The first teaser for Cars 3 suggested an uncharacteristically ominous turn for Pixar, and the latest trailer, which begins with the same footage before continuing with new clips from the film, does nothing to change that impression.

Set to a deafening, borderline-apocalyptic score that feels pulled from the ad campaign of a Zack Snyder superhero film, the trailer presents a cutthroat world where winning a race means everything and the intensity of competition is at an all-time high.

One striking feature of the original teaser was the lack of shots devoted to the vehicular characters’ wide cartoon eyes, which gave the impression that marketers wanted to do away with the “children’s stuff” in favor of sleek cars and grim, humorless action. This trend continues with the trailer, which teases a comeback story for protagonist Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson with none of the actor’s usual cheeriness.

It remains to be seen how accurate the tone of the trailer is to that of the actual film, but if Cars 3, due out this summer, captures even a fraction of the trailer’s spirit, we can expect a movie that is several shades darker than most of Pixar’s filmography thus far.

View the bemusing trailer above, which, though worrisomely eager to exploit the recent fad for self-serious blockbusters, is still unmistakably Pixar in the beautiful detail of its animation. Check out also the teaser below that Pixar released last week, which showcases the forthcoming film’s race cars with playful bravado.