Check Out the Trailer for Anne Hathaway’s New Kaiju Movie, Colossal

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That’s right, you read that correctly. Director Nacho Vigalondo’s (Open Windows) Anne Hathaway-led, monster-sized drama that rocked last year’s Fantastic Fest is coming to theaters on April 7, and it’s got a new teaser trailer.

We’ll mostly let the trailer speak for itself, but the general premise is thus: Gloria’s having a tough time in life, and after one particularly long, drunk night, she wakes up to the news of a giant monster having terrorized Seoul, Korea. Perhaps there’s a connection between her binge drinking and the monster-sized disaster? Check out the trailer if you want to find out more.

Vigalondo is a director of particular interest to sci-fi fans, and has been ever since springing onto the scene with 2007’s Timecrimes. His 2011 feature Extraterrestrial showed an ability to blend humor and sci-fi drama in a film about romantic entanglements against the backdrop of an alien invasion. Colossal looks to contain much of the same DNA, and will hopefully boost the Spanish director’s visibility with U.S. audiences.

Colossal also stars Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses, We’re the Millers), Dan Stevens (The Guest, Legion) and Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Incredible Hulk). Check back with Paste for more on the movie around its April release.