Mark Duplass Is at His Most Terrifying in the First Trailer for Creep 2 on Netflix

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Well, here’s an unexpected surprise for fans of 2014’s indie horror triumph Creep who haven’t had their ear to the ground on the horror scene—not only is the film getting a sequel, but we already have a trailer for it. Check out Mark Duplass returning as the ultra…well, creepy...Josef in the video above.

The original Creep was a critically acclaimed vehicle for the subtlety of Duplass’ intensity as an actor, playing a similar (but more sinister) type of recluse to his character in Safety Not Guaranteed. In the film, the actor plays Josef, an obsessive man who lures strangers to his home in the woods via Craigslist postings looking for videographers, before slowly ratcheting up the “WTF” factor of what those poor souls are supposed to film and deal with. We’re big fans—Creep has routinely been ranked highly in our list of the best horror films on Netflix.

Creep 2 seems to pick up where the first left off, with a young woman who works as a documentarian coming across Josef, who is suffering from some sort of creative ennui. Could a new victim be just what he needs to perk him up? Seems likely.

Creep 2 comes our way from Blumhouse, the indie genre movie production company that first scored big with Paranormal Activity and has produced hits such as Insidious and Get Out in the last couple of years. Like last year’s indie horror film Hush, it seems that Creep 2 is headed straight for a release on Netflix, where it will presumably join our list. The film is out on Oct. 24, leaving plenty of time to catch it before Halloween.

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