Russian Superhero Film Guardians Looks Appropriately Nuts

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If you’ve ever wondered, “What would Russia’s version of the Avengers look like?” then look no further. Behold, Zashchitniki. Or Guardians. Either way, it looks absolutely berserk.

The film follows a group follows a team of superheroes, assembled from the Cold War, who went into hiding until called to fight by the government. This time, their mission is to stop a super-villain from destroying Russia. The team consists of Ler, a man who can manipulate the earth, Ursus, the Man-Bear (need we say more?), Khan, skilled in the use of blades and scythes, and finally Xenia, who can manipulate water. The creepy villain is named August Kuratov, the guy with the electric exoskeleton.

Honestly, though? It actually looks really great. The special effects seem to be pretty effective, and the villain’s design is intriguingly chilling. While we’re all fans of Marvel here at Paste, it will be really refreshing to see an original concept for a team-up of some super friends from a different part of the world. Also, Man-Bear.

Zashchitniki releases Feb. 23 in Russia, and please, for the love of all that is good, check out the trailer above. Sadly, there are no dates for a U.S. release, but maybe that will change as one of the benefits of Trump buddying up with Russia. One can only hope.