Big Little Lies Twins Will Star with Naomi Watts in American Remake of Austrian Horror Film Goodnight Mommy

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<i>Big Little Lies</i> Twins Will Star with Naomi Watts in American Remake of Austrian Horror Film <i>Goodnight Mommy</i>

Austrian psychological horror film Goodnight Mommy from 2014 is a masterpiece of suspense and poisoned family relationships, and it lands in a prominent place on our list of the 100 best horror movies of all time for a reason. It’s not necessarily a film that needed an American remake—the original is absolutely fantastic, and you should watch it—but when has that ever stopped an enterprising filmmaker ready to capitalize on a foreign film in the U.S.? And so, there is definitely a Goodnight Mommy remake on the way, and now we know who will play the central role of young twin brothers.

That duo is none other than Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti, the pair of child actors memorably seen on HBO’s Big Little Lies as Josh and Matt Wright. On that show, they’ve been a nightmare to deal with for Nicole Kidman, but this time around they’ll be tormenting Naomi Watts, in Goodnight Mommy’s sole other major role. Cameron Crovetti would also be familiar to viewers of Amazon’s The Boys, as he played Ryan, the son of superhero Homelander.

Goodnight Mommy is presented largely from the perspective of twin brothers, who go to visit their mother in the wake of some sort of extreme cosmetic surgery that has left her face completely covered in bandages. Slowly, the boys become increasingly convinced that the woman’s strange behavior indicates she is actually not their mother, and they become obsessed with the idea of proving that this woman is an imposter. As a psychological horror film, rest assured that there are twists and turns a’plenty, particularly if the structure of the original film is left intact.

The Goodnight Mommy remake is being filmed for Amazon Studios in New Jersey, directed by Matt Sobel and written by Kyle Warren. We’ll presumably see it showing up on Prime in late 2021, if all goes well. Here’s hoping it can hold a candle to the original. You can see a trailer for that film below, but be aware that the trailer is a bit on the misleading side.

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