We Don’t Deserve A24: Watch the Terrifying First Trailer for It Comes at Night

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Sometimes we get lucky and life hands us something perfect that we didn’t know we needed until it’s in our hands. If you’re a fan of horror, A24’s excellent films or just the general concept of tension, we’ve got such a gift for you: a brand new trailer for Trey Edward Shults’ It Comes At Night.

Recently bumped up from a planned late August release to one set for early next month, you might want to actually not watch the trailer, since you’ll likely get to view the entire film with your own eyes so soon. For those who do wish to abstain, we’ll keep the rest vague; the world might be overridden by some gross plague, Joel Edgerton is the patriarch of a woods-dwelling family that takes in another desperate family, there is mistrust, don’t open the red door, etc. If you enjoy spooky indies and don’t mind a little (a lot) of blood, we’re thinking you should check this one out.

Go ahead and take a look the new trailer above if you wish to watch it, and get ready for It Comes at Night to hit theaters next month on June 9. If you want to get a feel for the movie without semi-spoiling yourself on the trailer, you can also enjoy its more vague, tone-setting teaser from February.