Jay and Silent Bob Return in Star-Studded New Red-Band Trailer for Film Reboot

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Jay and Silent Bob Return in Star-Studded New Red-Band Trailer for Film Reboot

The boys are back and ready to take on Hollywood once again.

The iconic indie stoners who first hit the big screen in Clerks 25 years ago are ready for a new adventure in the incessantly immature first trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which arrives in theaters Oct. 15.

Chock-full of cameos, the trailer starts off with a hilarious police stand-off before Jay and Silent Bob discover that Hollywood is rebooting an old movie based on them (wow, so meta) and decide to set off on a cross-country trip to stop it from happening all over again. And of course, they get up to all kinds of zany, relentlessly idiotic shenanigans.

“That old-ass, star-studded piece of shit?” Jay says after discovering the reboot. “That movie sucked balls.”

“And asshole,” a cop adds.

Yup, sounds like a Kevin Smith movie, alright. And it seems like the reboot will be treading on the same hallowed ground as the original, which shares a pretty parallel plot.

The trailer ends on a panel, in which a reporter asks actor Jason Biggs, “What do you think about this reboot?”

The American Pie star responds, “It sucks, I said it. And who’s directing this shit, anyway?”

Well, to answer his question, it’s Smith That’s right, the OG Silent Bob is back to write and direct, as well as starring, with Liz Destro and Jordan Monsanto as producers.

The new movie features Smith and Jason Mewes, who’ll reprise the ridiculous, iconic roles they created in the 1994 independent, black-and-white buddy comedy.

The trailer also gives us a first look at Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long, Shannon Elizabeth, Craig Robinson and more, many of whom are reprising roles from previous Jay and Silent Bob works, joining in on the zany antics.

For fans who’ve been waiting with bated breath, you can catch the full-length reboots in more than 600 theaters on Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. local, with a pre-recorded video introduction from the bumbling buds Mewes and Smith themselves. The first 50 people at each location will also snag a limited-edition poster.

Can’t make it Oct. 15? Well, Fathom Events and Saban Films will be rolling out a special double feature of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot on Oct. 17.

Following its silver-screen debut, the film will tour in select markets as The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow, which kicks off in Chicago on Oct. 20.

Since their debut nearly 25 years ago, the iconic marijuana-hawking characters have appeared in a long line of cult films that span the original Clerks, as well as Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks 2. Jay and Silent Bob were last seen in Yoga Hosers back in 2016.

“Smith and Mewes’ loyal fans have waited long enough to see them reprise their title role in this new chapter,” said Ray Nutt, Fathom Events CEO, in a statement.

Take a look at the film’s teaser art below and check out the trailer—if you can handle the relentless stupidity, that is.