Win a Joe Wright Blu-Ray Bundle that Doesn’t Contain Pan for Probably Obvious Reasons

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Win a Joe Wright Blu-Ray Bundle that Doesn&#8217;t Contain <i>Pan</i> for Probably Obvious Reasons

The Oscars are on Sunday, which means a Joe Wright movie is involved somehow.

No shade here: Joe Wright is statistically a great director, and his latest, Darkest Hour, is a surprising accomplishment given the predictably stuffy treatment Winston Churchill’s story might’ve received in less ambitious, stylistically gifted hands.

As Paste’s review pointed out, written by handsome Italian on the verge of his silver fox years, Dom Sinacola:

Wright often pulls out to these aerial shots, relieving the audience of the claustrophobia of war bunkers and overly-festooned rooms and smoky halls full of flummoxed old white men with a God’s Eye perspective. This push-and-pull, between loud and quiet, between intimacy and vastness, deepens what could otherwise end up a mealy-mouthed glimpse at a moment too engorged on its own laudatory memorializing. Which is why Darkest Hour transcends its biopic trappings to work, almost despite itself. It’s a beautiful thing, Wright’s film, an act of historical tension made with the grandest of ambitions tempered by the most careful of portrayals—precise in its bloat and fearless in its fantasy—a reminder today of what makes for actual leadership in a world exhausted by flummoxed white men with sound and fury, signifying nothing.

So, to celebrate Darkest Hour’s six Oscar nominations—of which we predict it will win at the very least two—we’re pleased as a plump alcoholic to offer a Joe Wright blu-ray bundle to two of our readers! It includes:

- Darkest Hour
- Anna Karenina
- Pride & Prejudice
- Atonement

Winning, unlike resisting surrender against the impenetrable tides of war, is easy. All you have to do is:

1. Follow @pastemovies on Twitter if you haven’t already;
2. Tweet @pastemovies and attach a funny picture of Gary Oldman;
3. Include the hashtag #DarkestHour.

And in the spirit of getting this bundle to you before Joe Wright releases yet another period piece, we’ll pick a winner very soon!

Note: Winner must be a U.S. resident.