John Krasinski to Reunite A Quiet Place Team for Sci-fi Thriller Life on Mars

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John Krasinski to Reunite <i>A Quiet Place</i> Team for Sci-fi Thriller <i>Life on Mars</i>

John Krasinski has a new film on the horizon, according to THR, and it reunites him with his team from A Quiet Place. The surprise horror sensation is already killing it at the box office and debuted to an impressive 96 percent fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller return to produce with Krasinski on his forthcoming project, with Paramount, who distributed A Quiet Place, rumored to pick it up.

The project Life on Mars, which has no writer attached and no cast as of yet, comes from a short story called “We Have Always Lived on Mars” by Cecil Castellucci. The story follows a “woman who is among a handful of descendants of a Martian colony long-abandoned by Earth following a cataclysm. The woman one day finds she can breathe the air on Mars, upending her world and that of her fellow colonists.” (How cool would it be if Emily Blunt also starred in this?)

Life on Mars will be the fourth feature-length project Krasinski directs, following his 2009 debut Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, starring a slew of famous actors and Julianne Nicholson, 2016’s The Hollars with Anna Kendrick, and, of course, his current phenomenon A Quiet Place.

The horror film scored $50.2 million in its opening weekend, surprising not just audiences but also the creators, who made the film for roughly $17 million. Stay tuned for more information on Krasinski’s next film and check out these adorable interviews with him and his wife, Blunt, regarding A Quiet Place.

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