Watch the First Trailer for Jordan Peele's Wonderfully Bizarre Horror Film Get Out

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Jordan Peele is a comedian, or at least that’s what his years on Key and Peele have led America to believe. Now, though, we’re getting a very different side of Peele. In the first trailer for Get Out, which Peele wrote and directed, things seem to start out mellow enough. We follow Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a young black man who is traveling to his girlfriend Rose’s (Allison Williams) home to meet her parents. The pair seem happy and remarkably sane.

Things begin to turn after the couple gets into a car accident and Chris is harassed by a racist cop. The situation only gets worse after they arrive at Rose’s home and meet her family. There are a lot of revelations in the trailer, and it seems as though Rose’s family lives in a predominantly white suburb. The suburb has some black residents, but they all seem a little off.

To top it all off, Rose’s mom (Catherine Keener) appears to be a hypnotist. Piecing together the threads of the plot may be easy, or there may be more turns still to come—we’ll find out when the movie hits theaters in February. Until that time, check out the full trailer above for the promise of some smart social commentary and a surprising level of tension coming from the guy behind the hilarious “East/West Bowl.