The Japanese Poster for Kong: Skull Island is Completely Bonkers

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The Japanese Poster for <i>Kong: Skull Island</i> is Completely Bonkers

Kong: Skull Island comes out in just a little over a month, and all of the marketing so far has promised an insane amount of crazy monster action, which is really all anyone needs in life. But so far, we haven’t seen anything that amounts to the nuttiness of the new Japanese poster for Kong: Skull Island. Even the film’s director Jordan Vogt-Roberts had to shout it out:

The poster has a whole lot going on, with Japanese characters scrawled across the top and bottom, adding a retro B-movie sheen to the whole situation. Kong is placed top center, crushing a fiery helicopter and baring those giant nasty teeth. Flames silhouette what we can likely assume are the military group exploring Skull Island, with a couple of natives holding spears above the flame. And the monsters—oh, the monsters—are littered, literally, everywhere. Giant spiders, skull-walkers, a giant ox-looking thing, tentacles and possibly some sort of tree monster are all over the place. It’s nuts. How can this movie not be great?

The film stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, Toby Kebbell, Shea Whigham and John C. Reilly. What a cast. And Kong is absolutely huge. The fact that this film serves as a companion to 2014’s Godzilla is even more exciting, and eventually when they fight, we’ll all stand in awe.

Kong: Skull Island comes stomping into theaters March 10, which is far too far away. Check out the previous trailers, which are equally crazy, here and here, and find the full-sized Japanese poster below—click to enlarge.