Lea Thompson's Top Ten '80s Songs

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3. “Tainted Love,” Soft Cell

Paste: Okay, so back to some ’80s songs. What else sticks out to you as some of your favorites from the era?
Thompson: Well, I loved “Tainted Love.” I still love that song. I think that song is … I don’t even know … they’re not really a one-hit wonder because they did a remix of it where they added “Baby, baby, baby.” But that song, to me, is one of those songs that really gets me right back to the time when I was first here in New York starting out as an actress and could barely scrape up enough money to go to a club, and that song would be playing. It’s just a great song! For some reason, the sounds that they came up with, and the samples that they used, however they put that together, the guy singing off-key … it’s all working for me!

Paste: That’s one of those crazy songs that’s not a dance song, but it will fill up a dance floor if you put it on.
Thompson: I know! There’s no beat, but you run out there and then feel weird once you get there, but you stay.

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