Lea Thompson's Top Ten '80s Songs

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5. “You Better Be Good to Me,” Tina Turner

Thompson: I hate times on the radio like right now, where there aren’t enough female voices. There aren’t enough interesting female voices that are singing about something other than, [singing] “I wanna get my booty on…” or whatever it is. I just like the times in music’s history when there were strong female voices. Of course, Tina Turner had that giant hit. She couldn’t have been bigger. That song, “You Better Be Good to Me,” was a great anthem coming out of what she had been through and all of the craziness that was being revealed about her life. That song was so empowering and so personal, and it had such a great beat. And, of course, no one sings better than her with her serious broken heart. And at the same time, you had Pat Benatar, Blondie, and Aretha Franklin with “Freeway of Love.” That was an awesome song, too!

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