Watch the Unsettling Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s Next Film, Split

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And they said he was done after The Village. Following his sort-of comeback The Visit (2015), the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s Split was released today, and it looks like another step in the right direction for the once-acclaimed filmmaker. That is to say, it looks terrifying.

Split is a supernatural thriller starring James McAvoy as Kevin, a man with multiple personality disorder who kidnaps three teenage girls for some purpose that isn’t explicitly mentioned in the trailer, but is talked about a lot. Playing the three girls are Jessica Sula (Recovery Road), Haley Lu Richardson (Escape From Polygamy) and Anya Taylor Joy (The Witch), who seems to be the most forefront of the trio. Kevin’s Psychiatrist (Betty Buckley) reveals that he has 23 personalities, but Kevin hints to the abducted girls in his various personas that there is one “beast” coming for them, the 24th personality. The girls are desperate for an escape as time runs out and war between personalities inside of Kevin pushes him to a breaking point.

The trailer teases a phenomenal performance from McAvoy, and an original, mind-bending, nail-biting story that may pull Shyamalan back into the realm of serious directors for good. Split will hit theaters on Jan. 20. Watch the trailer above.