Margot Robbie Will Play Reviled Skater Tonya Harding In I, Tonya Biopic

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Fresh off of what’s sure to be a manic performance as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie has lined up a new project that will see her star as disgraced ice skater Tonya Harding. According to Deadline, the planned biopic, entitled I, Tonya, is being produced by Clubhouse Pictures from a script by Steven Rogers, who wrote P.S. I Love You.

In case you don’t know the fascinating tale of Tonya Harding, here’s a primer: she was a great figure skater in the early ‘90s who had risen from a poor upbringing to the height of the sport. But her rivalry with Nancy Kerrigan, another brilliant American skater, culminated in an attack on Kerrigan by Harding’s then-husband and a couple of hired goons before the Winter Olympics in 1994. Kerrigan’s reaction has been immortalized:

The scandal grew as news broke of Harding’s alleged involvement, and her husband turned against her in a move to protect himself. She ended up being stripped of her titles and banned for life by U.S. Figure Skating Association in what can only be described as a tragic downfall.

I, Tonya is now in search of a director. We’d suggest Ava DuVernay, but she’s already got around a billion things on her plate.