Get Your Very Own Midsommar Bear in a Cage Toy in a Tongue-in-Cheek A24 Ad

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Get Your Very Own <i>Midsommar</i> Bear in a Cage Toy in a Tongue-in-Cheek A24 Ad

“So, are we just going to ignore the bear there?”

No, A24 is most certainly not. In one of the year’s cleverest moments of viral marketing, the distributors of Ari Aster’s Midsommar are releasing a limited-edition figurine of, well, a bear in a cage. Features highlighted include a beautiful pinewood frame and a lifelike resin grizzly wearing “a custom hand-stitched flower garland and mini bell. (Thanks, Judy!)”

Best of all, we’re treated to the most absurd toy commercial this side of Ren & Stimpy’s Log. If the unsettlingly happy blond Scandinavian children don’t convince you to pick up your own bear in a cage, at the very least you’ll be humming the insidious jingle for the rest of the day.

The keepsake will available for purchase starting July 10. Numbers are limited to 75 ursine buddies, so act now!