Watch the Trailer for Netflix's Raunchy, Gory The Babysitter

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As the Halloween season kicks into gear, Netflix has graced us today with a new trailer for their upcoming horror-comedy The Babysitter, which arrives on the service on Friday, Oct. 13. Suffice to say, this flick looks raunchy, sexy and gory in equal measure.

Evoking ‘80s-era slashers as well as films such as The Burbs or the original Fright Night with their suburban settings, and set to Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love,” The Babysitter trailer lines up a cast of suspiciously 20-something high school kids who will apparently be acting as our antagonists. Our hero is the young man whose parents believe him to be in need of a babysitter in the first place. Too bad they picked one planning on sacrificing their son in some kind of blood ritual. Or as the trailer puts it: “People have always done human sacrifice. But like, not in America, with hot people.”

The film stars Judah Lewis as the protagonist and Samara Weaving as the titular babysitter, although movie fans will likely recognize Emily Alyn Lin from Pitch Perfect as well. It arrives on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 13.