Netflix Shares Adam Sandler's The Do-Over Teaser

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Adam Sandler has been making straight-to-DVD quality movies for years now, so it was a little shocking when Netflix offered him a four-film deal. What’s even more shocking is that Sandler’s first film with the streaming service, The Ridiculous Six, broke the record for most views of any new film on Netflix in its first 30 days, proving that the streaming service was right: Sandler’s lowest common denominator comedies have an innate audience on the service.

Now, Sandler is back with his second Netflix film The Do-Over, which sadly isn’t about him going back in time to ensure none of his movies ever get released to the public. Instead, Sandler and David Spade play two down-on-their-luck men who fake their own deaths only to find out the new aliases they’ve adopted come with more grief than they had before. It will be premiering on Netflix on May 27. Watch the teaser above.