Season of the Witch Review

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<i>Season of the Witch</i> Review

Director: Dominic Sena
Writer: Bragi F. Schut
Cinematographer: Amir M. Mokri
Stars: Claire Foy, Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman
Studio: Rogue

Does she weigh as much as a duck?

Set during the Crusades in the 1300s, Season of the Witch follows the adventures of Behmen (Nicholas Cage) and his cohort Felson (Ron Perlman), two knights in the Holy Army. After battling endlessly across Europe, the pair grow weary with war. Soon, they find themselves responsible for delivering a witch to a group of monks in an effort to rid the land of a pervasive plague. The simple story is roughly thrown together with flashbacks connecting the tale.

The movie begins with some less-than-thrilling fight scenes. The poor visuals left much of the movie looking like a video game. With very little attention to detail, the film falls short as a period piece—the language and accents were lazily modern.

The lone bright spot was Claire Foy, who was extremely convincing as the accused witch. She does wonders with the character, just through body language and facial expressions.

Seasons of the Witch is a quick-paced film with plenty of action and uneven humor, but it does little other than satisfy those craving a helping of grotesque creatures and violent deaths.