Definition Please Highlights the Generation Gap's Cultural Rift in Exclusive Clip

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<I>Definition Please</I> Highlights the Generation Gap's Cultural Rift in Exclusive Clip

Definition Please, the directorial debut from multihyphenate Sujata Day, tells the story of Monica Chowdry (Day), a former Scribbs Spelling Bee champion whose life hasn’t quite turned out the way she planned, and her estranged brother as they must come together to take care of their sick mother. Day, best known for her role as Sarah in Issa Rae’s Insecure, previously directed and produced the web series This is My Story, where LeVar Burton narrates anecdotes about everyday racism.

In addition to Day, the film also stars Ritesh Rajan, Anna Khaja, Jake Choi, Maya Kapoor, Lalaine and Burton. In our exclusive clip from Definition Please, we see Monica and her brother being lectured by their mother’s friend about the importance of familial connection. There is a comedic lightness to the tone as Monica and her brother are unable to understand the doctor’s many Bollywood references due to the cultural gap between their generations.

“Monica and her brother, Sonny, have been bickering and butting heads since his surprise visit home, much to the dismay of their sick mother, Jaya,” Day told Paste. “Jaya’s friend, Dr. Ali, gives the selfish siblings the business, which leads to them joining forces and putting on a makeshift talent show to lift their mom’s spirits.”

Take a look:

Definition Please will be available to watch on Netflix on January 21.