Watch These Hyperviolent Belko Experiment Claymation Shorts, Question Your Own Moral Compass

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With The Belko Experiment coming to theaters tomorrow, do you really need another reason to saturate yourself in gore and death? Well, yeah, sure you do—which is where Lee Hardcastle steps in.

The filmmakers behind the newest horror/social experiment film have tapped impressive claymation specialist Hardcastle to make some utterly macabre short film promos, which feature exploding heads, assault rifles and a blowtorch used to pretty horrific effect. At about 40 seconds each, they’re not too long or too short, providing the perfect amount of time to see a bunch of clay dolls get ripped to shreds.

The Belko Experiment comes to theaters Friday, March 17. Check out the four embedded short films above and below, and also check out the previous trailer for the film itself here.