The New Trailer for The Mummy Foretells a Film On Cruise Control

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The New Trailer for The Mummy Foretells a Film On Cruise Control

“You can’t run. You can’t escape,” one character tells Tom Cruise’s Nick Morton at one point in the second official trailer for The Mummy, except the speaker is wrong. This is Tom Cruise we’re talking about. If there’s one thing more ancient than an Egyptian princess rising from her fitful slumber to wreak rat-infested, sandstorm-infused havoc on the modern world, it’s Tom Cruise: Action Star, the man who springs, jumps, dives and runs from one dangerous situation to another with the focus of an Olympian athlete and the recklessness of a madman.

The new trailer features such stunts in spades. In 1986, Cruise took to the skies to kick off his action-movie career with Top Gun, and now, 31 years later, he is on a plane again (Knight and Day and the opening of Rogue Nation apparently weren’t enough to quench his appetite for flight), with this aircraft spiraling earthward in a ball of fire. How will he get out? Who knows, but Cruise always finds a way. In addition to hazardous flying, which we already saw in the original trailer, there is being caught in quicksand, trading bullets, dodging somersaulting cars and swimming, which, together with the aforementioned plane fiasco, really makes The Mummy feel like it’s going to be Rogue Nation 2.0 (Christopher McQuarrie has even joined as co-writer). Yes, the new Mummy looks like old hat, but on the other hand, a retread of the awesome, fifth Mission: Impossible would probably be better than 75 percent of the blockbusters summer always brings.

As for the titular, distinguishing feature of The Mummy, it seems like Sofia Boutella will be given the chance to let her freak flag fly, and though the CG-saturated effects associated with her character’s mystical villainy seems like standard fare, scattered within are amiably goofy images like the shot of Boutella’s bandaged undead crawling Sadako-like while rodents escort her.

Check out the full trailer above, and catch the film in theaters when it debuts on June 9.