Ava Duvernay Teases Her New Gods Movie for DC

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Ava Duvernay Teases Her <i>New Gods</i> Movie for DC

Despite all the shake-ups in the DCEU development slate in recent months, it appears that Ava Duvernay’s The New Gods movie is a go. The A Wrinkle in Time director shared a frame from the original Jack Kirby-created comic on Twitter Friday, teasing her possible superhero line-up.

The characters teased in the image include leader Highfather, as well as his adoptive son Orion, and biological sons Lightray and Scott Free/Mister Miracle, and Scott’s wife Big Barda, as ComicBook.com points out.

Warner Bros. and DC set Duvernay to direct the New Gods movie starting this March, but the director previously shared her love for the New Gods’ Big Barda during a Twitter Q&A in December 2017.

Warner Bros. and DC have not yet set a release date for Duvernay’s The New Gods.

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