The Nicktoon Mash-up Movie May Actually Happen

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Disruption Entertainment’s Ali Mendes has hit upon a concept that should get ‘90s nostalgics dreaming—combining ‘90s Nickelodeon cartoon characters with live-action actors. Director Jared Hess of Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite has been brought on to direct and write the script, along with his wife Jerusha Hess, for the crossover film. It’ll be produced by Disruption Entertainment’s Mary Parent and Cale Boyter.

The new film could combine cartoons such as Ren and Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, The Angry Beavers, Aaahh! Real Monsters, Doug and Hey Arnold! that originally aired between 1990 and 2006, in a mix of animation similar to 1988’s classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit? or Space Jam. Which is to say, this could be great, or it could be terrible.

Russell Hicks, president of content development and production for Nick, and Chris Viscardi, senior vice president of content development, are looking at shows they already control but are also open to content that ran on the network but is owned by someone else. Unsurprisingly, they’ll be looking for a storyline relevant to modern audiences as well offering up that sweet nostalgia.

In addition to this new crossover movie, a new Hey Arnold! movie is on the way, and old cartoons are reappearing through the new show The Splat.

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