100 Great Twitter Feeds about Movies

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26. Zach Braff – @zachbraff

Twitter Bio: Twitter friend to over 1,550,000 of the sexiest mofos on Earth. 60% water.
Followers: 1.56M
What's in it for you?: Follow for the Donald Faison bromance; stay for the crazy fans

28. Steve Martin – @SteveMartinToGo

Twitter Bio: My new comedy play, Meteor Shower, has opened at the Old Globe in San Diego.
Followers: 7.74M
What's in it for you?: ”Those aren't two pillows!” – plus Steve Martin is all of our parents frustrated with technology. See tweets back and forth between followers regarding his iPad.

29. Ashton Kutcher – @aplusk

Twitter Bio: I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.
Followers: 17.5M
What's in it for you?: Iowa native and Dude Where's My Car? Actor Ashton Kutcher is active in politics and technology. He's also all of us at an Adele concert.

30. Joseph Gordon Levittt – @hitRECordJoe

Twitter Bio: I direct hitRECord, a new kind of online community that works together as a production company — writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists… wanna work with me?
Followers: 4.06M
What's in it for you?: Indie actor and production company owner Joseph Gordon Levitt shows that Twitter doesn't have to be about politics and back and forth banter. Joseph seems to want to evoke change in the cinematic community.

31. Seth MacFarlane – @SethMacFarlane

Twitter Bio: The Official Twitter Page of Seth MacFarlane – new album No One Ever Tells You available now on iTunes http://itun.es/us/Vx9p-
Followers: 10.7M
What's in it for you?: Teetering the fine line between television and film, Seth is humorous, subtly political and 100% worth a follow.

32. Pam Grier Ph.D – @PamGrier

Twitter Bio: Interests: history, economics, veterinary science, music,film, art and philosophy. Plato believed women should be leaders. Love Mom's peach cobbler and yoga.
Followers: 588K
What's in it for you?: Blaxploitation actress Pam Grier's Twitter feed is all about female empowerment, social justice and her fans. (She will follow you back.)

33. James Franco – @JamesFrancoTV

Twitter Bio: Actor. Writer. Director.
Followers: 3.84M
What's in it for you?: 127 Hours star and sometimes stoner comedy actor, James Franco tweets plugs for his movies, updates on his teaching at NYU and is also very active on Instagram.

34. Rebel Wilson – @RebelWilson

Twitter Bio: Actress / Writer / Producer / Rebel
Followers: 2.62M
What's in it for you?: This star of the upcoming Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake just wrapped a stint on Guys & Dolls. She's relatable and hilarious, often posting pictures of her doing normal things—visiting Disney, catching a tennis match or baseball game.

35. Halle Berry – @halleberry

Twitter Bio: It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see -Thoreau
Followers: 2.62M
What's in it for you?: This Academy Award-winning actress has a knack for photography, which she often displays on her Twitter and Instagram.

36. Wil Wheaton – @wilw

Twitter Bio: Barrelslayer. Time Lord. Fake geek girl. On a good day I am charming as fuck.
Followers: 3.06M
What's in it for you?: Wil Wheaton is a quintessential nerd, as evidenced by his “goodnight, nerds” tweets nightly.

37. Tom Cruise – @TomCruise

Twitter Bio: Actor. Producer. Running in movies since 1981.
Followers: 6.06M
What's in it for you?: Living legend Tom Cruise may not be overly active on Twitter, but your chances of him following you back are 1 in 85. (Yes, those stats are out there).

38. Tyler Perry – @tylerperry

Twitter Bio: The OFFICIAL Twitter page of Writer, Director, Producer, Actor – Tyler Perry
Followers: 4.38M
What's in it for you?: This producer/actor/director is very active on Twitter, plugging his latest projects, retweeting fans and posting photos of everyday life.

39. Leonardo DiCaprio – @LeoDiCaprio

Twitter Bio: Actor and Environmentalist
Followers: 15.9M
What's in it for you?: Thought Leo was only pining over an Oscar all these years? Think again. This actor is not only an amazing actor but also an environmentalist posting about climate change, animal extinction and the like.

40. Steve Carell – @SteveCarell

Twitter Bio: Official Steve Carell
Followers: 4.9M
What's in it for you?: Semi-frequent tweeter Steve Carell often retweets and posts tributes to fellow actors. We forgive him for being behind on Stranger Things.

41. Elizabeth Banks – @ElizabethBanks

Twitter Bio: Amateur Goofball; proud native, Pittsfield, MA; 'Hunger Games' this, 'Pitch Perfect 2' that, with a sprinkle of 'Lego'.
Followers: 2.25M
What's in it for you?: Rita Repulsa in the upcoming Power Rangers movie, Elizabeth posts film updates, personal photos, interviews and more.

42. Tracy Morgan – @RealTracyMorgan

Twitter Bio: This is really Tracy Morgan
Followers: 3.24M
What's in it for you?: After his car accident in 2014, Tracy appears to be slowly getting back into the spotlight, and we couldn't be happier.

43. Olivia Wilde – @oliviawilde

Twitter Bio: World champion parallel parker.
Followers: 1.75M
What's in it for you?: Olivia often posts about the rights of pregnant women and refugees. She also posts about movies she's seen (i.e., her puddle of tears after seeing Captain Fantastic).

44. Emmy Rossum – @emmyrossum

Twitter Bio: None.
Followers: 556K
What's in it for you?: This Shameless and Phantom of the Opera star Emmy Rossum may be more involved with TV at the moment, but that doesn't mean she isn't worth the follow.

45. Guillermo del Toro – @RealGDT

Twitter Bio:Now 99% selfie free!
Followers: 371K
What's in it for you?: Lots of retweets and pictures of his recent exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art—overall, some really interesting stuff. Check it out.

46. Ron Howard – @RealRonHoward

Twitter Bio: StorySmith
Followers: 1.33M
What's in it for you?: Behind the scenes shots and cool travel photos. Howard also cares about the environment.

47. Edgar Wright – @EdgarWright

Twitter Bio: Born in 1974 | Appeared on 'Going Live!' in 1991 | Died in 2074
Followers: 578K
What's in it for you?: Recently tweeted a link to his 1,000 favorite movies, linked above—interesting and worth a view.

48. David Wain – @davidwain

Twitter Bio: filmmaker, comedian, etc. Insta: davidwain Wet Hot series on Netflix http://netflix.com/title/80039813
Followers: 203K
What's in it for you?: David Wain posts about social issues, television, pop culture—you name it.

49. Kevin Smith – @ThatKevinSmith

Twitter Bio: It begins with me covered in sperm, trapped in my old man's balls. Then, suddenly… ESCAPE!
Followers: 3.01M
What's in it for you?: Active on both Instagram and Twitter, Kevin Smith proves that you really can wear the same outfit every day and still be totally awesome. His daughter is also named Harley Quinn, further solidifying his coolness.